Opposite of "calm"

en calm

agitate, arouse, brace, charge, charge up, commove, discomposure, energise, energize, excite, perk up, rouse, stimulate, stormy, turn on, gusty, breezy, furious, tempestuous, choppy, rough, discomposed, boisterous, wild, puffy, raging, blusterous, blowy, blustery, fierce, dirty, angry, billowing, billowy, squally, surging, thundery, blustering, windy, kindle, stir up, fan, provoke, stir, blizzardy, extreme, foul, intemperate, nasty, severe, agitated, inclement, restless, turbulent, unquiet, unsettled, anxious, bothered, distressed, uneasy, worried, jittery, jumpy, nervous, skittish, tense, high-strung, unstable, uptight, disturbed, flustered, perturbed, unglued, unhinged, unstrung, upset, crazy, blaring, blasting, booming, earsplitting, piercing, roaring, thundering, thunderous, clamorous, clattery, deafening, loud, noisy, raucous, rip-roaring, roistering, romping, rowdy, tumultuous, uproarious, woolly, abash, abet, acid, ado, adventuresome, adventurous, aflutter, aggravated, aggressive, agita, agitation, agonistic, air, alarums and excursions, angered, annoyed, antsy, anxiety, anxiousness, apoplectic, apprehension, apprehensiveness, ardent, argumentative, assaultive, atwitter, audacious, awkward, babel, ballistic, ballyhoo, bang-bang, bearish, bellicose, belligerent, bilious, bitter, blare, blatant, blather, bleak, blood-and-guts, bloody-minded, blow up, bluster, bobbery, bold, bother, bowwow, brash, brawl, brawly, breath, breeze, brew, bruit, brutal, bumpy, burdensome, burning, burst, bustle, butterflies, cacophonous, cacophony, cantankerous, care, cataclysmal, caterwauling, chatter, cheesed off, chippy, choleric, churn, circus, clamant, clamor, clangor,

en calmness

agitation, discomposure, disturbance, feeling, sensibility, sympathy, alarm, eagerness, frenzy, sensitiveness, turbulence, anxiety, emotion, fury, storm, vehemence, care, excitement, passion, susceptibility, violence, distress, clamor, din, noise, racket, bustle, commotion, hubbub, hurly-burly, pandemonium, tumult, turmoil, unquietness, unrest, uproar, anxiousness, apprehension, apprehensiveness, concern, disquiet, solicitude, uneasiness, worry, excitability, excitableness, nervousness, perturbation, strain, stress, tenseness, tension, consternation, desperateness, desperation, discomfort, dismay, distraction, edginess, jitters, jumpiness, fear, fearfulness, torment, upset, doubt, dread, foreboding, incertitude, misgiving, presentiment, suspense, uncertainty, anguish, vexation, admiration, affright, agita, amazement, anarchy, anger, angriness, ardency, ardor, astonishment, awe, bewilderment, birse, breakdown, choler, concernment, confusion, crack-up, deliriousness, delirium, disquietude, earnestness, ecstasy, enthusiasm, extravagance, fanaticism, fervency, fervidness, fervor, fever, feverishness, fidgetiness, fidgets, fire, flap, flightiness, fright, furor, furore, heat, hysteria, indignation, inspiration, intenseness, intensity, irateness, ire, jitteriness, lawlessness, lividity, lividness, madness, misrule, mood, nervosity, nervous breakdown, outrage, panic, passionateness, perplexity, rage, rampage, rapture, restiveness, skittishness, spleen, surprise, sweat, tailspin, terror, timidity,