Gegenteil von "hardly" (Englisch)

en hardly

benevolently, benignantly, considerately, cordially, graciously, kindly, lovingly, tenderly, charitably, compassionately, humanely, mercifully, softheartedly, sympathetically, tolerantly, understandingly, clemently, gently, leniently, lightly, mildly, softly, awful, awfully, enormously, exceedingly, extremely, greatly, highly, hugely, immensely, mightily, mighty, most, quite, terribly, very, assuredly, clearly, hands down, perfectly, plainly, really, truly, unequivocally, unquestionably, utterly, doubtless, more or less, mostly, rather, slightly, somewhat, absolutely, certainly, completely, definitely, positively, surely, easily, abundantly, copiously, fully, generously, considerably, significantly, substantially, vastly, well, cheerfully, cheerily, delightedly, gaily, gleefully, good-naturedly, lightheartedly, merrily, mirthfully, rejoicingly, sunnily, blithely, blithesomely, calmly, casually, dispassionately, impassively, indifferently, nonchalantly, stoically, unconcernedly, favorably, blissfully, gladly, happily, joyfully, joyously, desultorily, halfheartedly, indolently, lackadaisically, languidly, lazily, listlessly, shiftlessly, sluggishly, spiritlessly, tiredly, wearily, about, achingly, all but, all of, all over, altogether, archly, astronomically, badly, basically, big time, blisteringly, bone, broadly, by and large, chiefly, colossally, desperately, devilishly, effortlessly, eminently, enough, entirely, especially, ever, exactly, excessively, exorbitantly, extensively, fabulously, facilely, fairly, fantastically, far and away, feckly, fiercely, fluently, freely, frightfully, generally, handily, head and shoulders, heartily, heavily, incredibly, inordinately, intensely, largely, mainly, majorly, massively, monstrously, monumentally, mortally, nearly, next to, overly, painlessly, particularly, practically, predominantly, primarily, principally, readily, roaringly, seriously, severely, sizably, smoothly, somewhere, sorely, soundly, specially, staggeringly, stupendously, supremely, surpassingly, that, thoroughly, through and through,

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