Gegenteil von "important" (Englisch)

en important

insignificant, noncrucial, unimportant, lightweight, immaterial, fiddling, indifferent, uninfluential, little, piffling, piddling, modest, potty, lilliputian, inconsequent, nickel-and-dime, inconsequential, petty, small-time, footling, picayune, trivial, niggling, paltry, worthless, anonymous, nameless, obscure, uncelebrated, unknown, inconsiderable, minor, negligible, slight, small, trifling, feeble, flimsy, frail, infirm, incapable, incompetent, ineffective, inept, inexpert, unfit, unqualified, unskilled, unskillful, helpless, impotent, powerless, weak, bashful, cowering, cringing, demure, diffident, introverted, mousy, overmodest, self-critical, self-doubting, sheepish, shrinking, shy, subdued, timid, acquiescent, compliant, deferential, meek, passive, submissive, unaggressive, unassertive, unassuming, unobtrusive, yielding, quiet, reserved, retiring, humble, lowly, unarrogant, unpretentious, self-distrustful, self-reproachful, self-reproving, down-to-earth, egoless, uncomplacent, accessorial, accessory, acute, all-important, alpha, apocalyptic, applicable, apposite, appurtenant, apropos, arch, arresting, astral, auxiliary, beta, big, big-name, biggish, bodacious, bold, bright, brilliant, burning, capital, cardinal, catchy, celebrated, central, chicken, chief, clamant, climacteric, climactic, cogent, commanding, compelling, compulsory, conclusive, consequential, considerable, conspicuous, convincing, copernican, critical, crowd-pleasing, crucial, crying, de minimis, decisive, dire, dispensable, distinguished, dominant, dramatic, du jour, earth-shattering, earthshaking, effective, emergent, eminent, emphatic, empty, epoch-making, epochal, essential, eventful, evidential, evidentiary, exigent, extraneous, eye-catching, faddish, faddy, famed, famous, fashionable, favorite, first, flamboyant, foolish, forced, forceful, foremost, fragile, frivolous, fundamental, germane, good, goodly, grabby, grand, gratuitous, grave, great, greatest,

en unimportant

important, of import, significant, historic, primal, grave, great, alpha, in-chief, serious, cardinal, copernican, essential, of the essence, distinguished, strategic, fundamental, burning, most-valuable, principal, measurable, primary, grievous, crucial, chief, big, all-important, outstanding, master, weighty, heavy, key, grand, consequential, main, beta, eventful, central, adequate, effective, powerful, solid, useful, advantageous, efficient, profitable, sound, valid, beneficial, expedient, real, substantial, valuable, competent, potent, serviceable, sufficient, worthy, decisive, fatal, fateful, dominant, overbearing, overmastering, overriding, distinctive, exceptional, impressive, prominent, remarkable, worthwhile, eminent, illustrious, preeminent, prestigious, famous, notorious, renowned, basic, major, material, meaningful, momentous, unfrivolous, acute, apocalyptic, applicable, apposite, apropos, arch, arresting, astral, big-name, biggish, bodacious, bold, bright, brilliant, capital, catchy, celebrated, clamant, climacteric, climactic, cogent, commanding, compelling, compulsory, conclusive, considerable, conspicuous, convincing, critical, crowd-pleasing, crying, dire, dramatic, du jour, earth-shattering, earthshaking, emergent, emphatic, epoch-making, epochal, evidential, evidentiary, exigent, eye-catching, faddish, faddy, famed, fashionable, favorite, first, flamboyant, forced, forceful, foremost, germane, good, goodly, grabby, greatest, handsome, happening, healthy, heavy-duty, hot, imperative, imperious, importunate, in, incumbent, indispensable, influential,