Gegenteil von "liberal" (Englisch)

en liberal

conservative, conservativist, narrow, exact, hidebound, buttoned-up, ungenerous, standpat, fusty, traditionalist, blimpish, stingy, right, nonprogressive, narrow-minded, ultraconservative, unprogressive, center, avaricious, greedy, mean, niggardly, penurious, rapacious, close, ignoble, miserly, parsimonious, petty, covetous, illiberal, hard, rigid, strict, doctrinal, dogmatic, bigoted, blinkered, intolerant, reactionary, unreconstructed, conventional, old-fashioned, orthodox, stodgy, traditional, deficient, inadequate, insufficient, lacking, wanting, meager, skimpy, least, minimum, light, slight, small, barren, infertile, sterile, unfruitful, unproductive, bare, minimal, scant, spare, frugal, sparing, thrifty, chary, stinting, acquisitive, avid, coveting, desirous, grasping, hoggish, itchy, mercenary, begrudging, envious, grudging, resentful, cheap, closefisted, costive, mingy, selfish, tight, tightfisted, uncharitable, archconservative, bantam, bighearted, bigot, bounteous, bountiful, brassbound, broad-minded, button-down, central, centrist, charitable, chintzy, colonel blimp, die-hard, diminutive, dinky, disinterested, dodo, dogmatist, dogmatizer, dwarfish, economical, economizing, exiguous, extreme, extremist, fanatic, fine, fogy, fossil, free, freehanded, freehearted, fud, fuddy-duddy, fulsome, generous, grabby, half-pint, hand-to-mouth, insular, lilliputian, little, low, magnanimous, middle-of-the-road, middle of the roader, moderate, moneygrubbing, mossback, mossbacked, munificent, niggard, old fashioned, old-line, old school, open, openhanded, paleoconservative, parochial, penny-pinching,