Gegenteil von "little" (Englisch)

en little

big, large, wide-ranging, hulking, whopping, gigantic, man-sized, extensive, super, double, bear-sized, too large, elephantine, loud, puffy, brobdingnagian, uppercase, galactic, large-scale, heroic, cosmic, sizeable, banging, immense, voluminous, vast, whacking, monumental, mammoth, outsize, hulky, enlarged, walloping, biggish, bulky, thumping, life-sized, queen-size, wide, massive, king-size, bigger, extended, bouffant, largish, deep, full-size, monstrous, old, mountainous, lifesize, capacious, queen-sized, important, rangy, overlarge, macroscopic, astronomic, huge, plumping, unemotional, gargantuan, macroscopical, oversized, large-mouthed, jumbo, tremendous, broad, stupendous, larger-than-life, colossal, titanic, volumed, sizable, life-size, giant, oversize, humongous, spacious, great, astronomical, prodigious, epic, monolithic, king-sized, larger, medium-large, of import, grand, enormous, outsized, blown-up, macro, ample, elevated, lifted, raised, uplifted, upswept, high-rise, statuesque, gangling, gangly, lanky, hefty, altitudinous, high, lofty, tall, towering, decisive, fatal, fateful, chief, dominant, overbearing, overmastering, overriding, principal, distinctive, exceptional, impressive, outstanding, prominent, remarkable, valuable, worthwhile, worthy, distinguished, eminent, illustrious, preeminent, prestigious, famous, notorious, renowned, all-important, basic, essential, fundamental, key, consequential, eventful, major, material, meaningful, momentous, significant, substantial, unfrivolous, weighty, impartial, nonpartisan, objective, unbiased, unprejudiced, freethinking, broad-minded, catholic, cosmopolitan, liberal, open, open-minded, receptive, tolerant, endless, everlasting, interminable, persistent, unending, longish, overlong, prolonged, protracted, permanent, expanded, supplemented, long-range, long-term, far, lengthy, long, long-drawn-out, long-lived, boxcar, Bunyanesque, cavernous, cyclopean, gross, Himalayan, herculean, leviathan, pharaonic, staggering, abundant, appreciable, bountiful, copious, generous, healthy, plenteous, plentiful, fat, thick, boundless, immeasurable, incalculable, infinite, adequate, enough, sufficient, considerable, goodly, handsome, husky, overscale, tidy, abundance, accentuate, accredit, achingly, adore, adulate, afresh, again, again and again, aggrandize, anew, applaud, applicable, apposite, appreciate, apropos, archly, astronomically, awfully, badly, barrel, basketful, belaud, big time, blandish, blisteringly, boatload, bone, broadly, bucket, bumper, bunch, bundle, bushel, butter up, canonize, carload, cherish, chivalrous, chunk, colossally, congratulate, considerably, constantly, continually, countless, crack-up, crow, de novo, deal, deify, desperately, dignify, dote, dozen, earth-shattering, earthshaking, elder, elevate, elongate, embellish, embroider, eminently, emphasize, ennoble, enormously, enshrine, ensky, enthrone, especially, ever, exaggerate,